About From Ashes To Embers™

Have you ever known a person dedicated to self-help who remained emotionally fragile? Mentally small? And physically pathetic? 

Maybe you've been that person? 

How can a person "focused" on self-help live their life with the aptitude, physique, and moral fortitude of earwax?

Self-help tends to turn people into self-worshippers with small value for the world around them.

It has required nothing great of you, has permitted you to avoid or escape your flaws, and has put the burden of responsibility on things outside of your control, while simultaneously affirming your worth and potential. 

And we wonder why we haven't found the change it promises?

From Ashes To Embers™ has returned to the Heart of self-improvement: character and legacy.

  1. Character is the moral and virtuous content of a person's heart and mind. Character is developed and perpetuated when a person wholly submits their mind, action, beliefs, and decisions to incredibly high standards. People who are of strong character do not lie (even to themselves), do not blame, do not harbor bitterness, and do what is right DAILY even when it costs them. 
  2. Legacy is the affect your life has on someone else. So many people talk about legacy but fail to realize they're leaving one regardless. How you live in your private life transposes an identical influence on people around you. Legacy happens by default or by design, for good or bad. We either amplify the negative family and cultural cycles, or we become the needed change. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND


Greg Wanberg - Founder

I'm a husband, father, and free man with a dream to restore character and legacy as the heart of development.

From Ashes To Embers™ is the totality of what I learned the hard way: daily action and perseverance over the course of two decades.

I am constantly pursuing growth. Though I am proud and thankful for my victory in life, there is much work yet to be done.

I have completed 75 Hard 4 times, and Phase1 7 times.

A few of the ways I've challenged myself in 2022 was my 24hr Murph Challenge (1 full Murph every 4hrs for 24hrs), signing up for personal and marriage coaching, and completing the FATE 9/11 challenge (1 mile and 10 burpees every hour on the hour for 24hrs).


Jeanette Flores - keeping hearts alive

Jeanette has been a part of the From Ashes To Embers™ movement long before it even had a name.

As a teenage girl, Jeanette was in a constant tug-of-war between insecurity and faith, expectations of others and her desire to live her own life.

What started with Jeanette's involvement at a local church quickly became a matter of life or death: she was either going to do what she knew was right or submit to expectations that would only keep her heart enslaved.

Jeanette has committed herself to incredible coaches, mentors, and movements, and has been a significant player in keeping peoples' hearts alive.

In addition to seeking regular mentorship, she completed 75 Hard in 2022 during an Army PCS (look it up) and our 9/11 event.

Jeanette is the original co-host of this movement. Her heart, insight, and support are one of a kind.