Get ready to change your life.

Here are 3 irrefutable truths about you:

  1. YOU are the greatest thing that will ever happen to you
  2. You have all the strength and opportunity you need ALREADY inside you
  3. You are valuable, just as you are, and that value cannot EVER be lessened or increased. You are simply valuable just because you exist

If this is true, why do you hate your life? Hate your body? Have shitty relationships? Get stuck in negative thoughts and emotions? WHY DOES YOUR LIFE LOOK NOTHING LIKE WHAT YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE AND WANT?

Because those are your truths, but these are your realities:

  1. You treat yourself worse than anyone else ever has.
  2. You have exhausted your heart by searching for someone else to do for you what only you can do.
  3. You have deflated your true value to the point that you're a liability to those who matter most. 

You have made your identity around licking your wounds, what wrongs have been done to you, and avoiding any sense of guilt that comes from you living like a LOSER.

The 3 truths I mentioned are 100% true about you. So why are they missing?

SPOILER ALERT: They are NOT missing. They're just buried under years of doubt, hurt, mediocrity, and lies.

You have traded your ability to live in purpose, focus, and control for the easy road of false faith, pleasure seeking, and doing shit you regret.


And you have no idea because your thoughts, actions, and routines are disgraceful. 

- Read that again -

If I still have your attention it's because you feel this in the deepest part of your heart.



Inside Bed Of Embers, you are going to:
  • learn how to face the things in you and around you that you CANNOT run from
  • heal by accepting AND expecting the most of yourself
  • let go of that fear that you are not enough
  • grow confidence through decisive action, refusing to negotiate with doubt, and productivity
  • And you are going to witness the GLORY of seeing how your change affects others

Here is your map:

The 3 core tenants of Bed Of Embers

Faith Fury Fortitude™

  • Faith: right thought; sharpen the mind
  • Fury: right action; harden the body
  • Fortitude: right systems; captaining the soul

Yeah, but what makes this group effective?

Reason #1

I’m leading it. I have literally been the worst kind of human: liar, coward, untrustworthy, and writhing with a belief that the world would be better if I was gone. I ran from everything. I couldn’t face my faults or fears. I hurt people I love and could not believe life could change.

When I was 16, I tried to cut my wrists. I couldn’t do it so I carved my arms with the rage of a hopeless young man, and the pain of a child wishing he hadn’t screwed up by being born. Then it happened.

I encountered God. Not a dream. Not a hallucination. And sure as hell not a cheesy, B-rated hallmark card. THE REAL GOD.

He showed me thousands of faces and said, “If you choose death, they’ll never know me. But, if you choose life, they will know me through you.”

I have chosen life everyday for almost 20 years, knowing my life would count eternally for someone else's.

Since I’ve raised a family completely void of all the crap that was done to me. I got my act together and am incredibly successful. More than success in life, I found success in my heart: I've created mental and physical systems that keep me grounded in the truth, no matter how hard depression, fear, regret, or shame try to bring me down.
In addition to this, I’ve changed lives. I have strengthened and been a father to many young men and women. I’ve been an example for older adults. I have seen the power of what I learned come alive in others.
I’ve beat the storm. I've shown others how to beat the storm. And I want more!

Reason #2

This group isn’t about you getting better, healing, strengthening your mind, and overcoming that dark crap.

I mean, of course that’s part of it, but it is not about you.


The purpose of self-help or self-improvement or whatever the hell people call it is LOST. Most of what we have now if efforts to feel better and superficial crap that only keeps you focused on yourself. 

You’ve already tried focusing on your needs, your feelings, your time. How the hell has that worked out?

You changing is about your family. It is about your bloodline. It is about every person who needs you, reports to you, looks up to you, so they get the absolute best that only you can give them.

It is about you making sure you don’t repeat broken cycles, and your demons die with you.

You have tremendous love, hope, courage, joy, and identity to give away! There are things to be done for this world that only you can do. 

But you cannot be a source of this goodness until you first get your crap together.

Bed Of Embers™ works because the change we are pursuing is the change that matters: living to your fullest potential and giving away the person those around you really need.

If you are ready to take on the daily actions and attitude to break free in the deepest parts of your life, CLICK HERE and let's get started.

I won’t lie. It won’t come overnight. I can’t do it for you. God can’t do it for you.
You are the only one with the power to decide what your life becomes. But you cannot do it alone.

You will have to face things you did not want to face.
You will have to do things you did not believe you could.
You will have to make small decisions everyday.
You will have to live differently to be different.


And you are going to need the right people around you to make it happen.

I believe in you and if you’ve read this far, you believe, too.

It is a hard road but you already know it is the only road worth taking.
In fact, it is the only road worthy of you, my friend.

Here's a taste of how Bed Of Embers™ will help you accomplish all of this: 
  • Weekly coaching and development calls
  • Access to my calendar for 1 hour per month of 1:1 coaching
  • Being part of a private community with men and women, on the same path, to build new friendships, partnerships, and more
  • Assigned work that forces you to actually DO something about what you say you want
  • Required reading
  • Feats of strength - monthly, quarterly, and annual physical challenges to prove to yourself what you’re made of

Of course you want to change. Of course you want to think, feel, live, and be better. So did every absent parent, failed spouse, and person who died alone.

This DOES NOT make you special.

It does not matter what you want.
Only what you do.

You’re not a baby, and you’re not a victim.
You are where you are because YOU chose to be.

Good news is you can choose differently and go the other way.
You can get help.
And you can start right now.

Your level of freedom and growth in life will never exceed your level of development.

One thing I can promise you is I am good at this. People who work with me and stick to the plan see results much more quickly than they thought.


Don’t sign up. Go about your life trying the same way you have been. Drowning in want and the grief of knowing you could be more. Wishing you had the right people around you.


Join the Bed Of Embers.

“But the money.” - “I don’t think I need it.” - “What if it doesn’t work?”

Everything has a price, especially staying the same.

And I promise you, the cost of not stepping up is eternally worse than whatever sacrifice you will have to make for this.

It IS possible.
You ARE worth it.

And you sure as hell will change no matter what.
So what change do you want to make?

You want to be known? Be with people who will inspire, challenge, and love you? Really do something about what you say you want?